Location: Ramapir No Tekro, Ahmedabad
Completed: 2012
Volunteers: Jesus Porras Montesino, Kah-Fai Lee, Caroline Kite, Ciara Tapia, Evan Drage, Scott Flett

Bholu 11 is a happy, bright and thermally cool learning environment, with a generous garden space; a luxury in the slum. Bholu 11 has become a beautiful oasis within the barren slum, with young and old enjoying the greenery of the vegetable garden and the shade beneath the trees within and around the site. Wall and floor mosaics add an element of surprise and playfulness to the space, and express the love that was given to this small project by volunteers and community.

01_Bholu 11_MG_7042.jpg

02_Bholu 11 existing (1).jpg


05_Bholu 11 construction.JPG

06_Bholu 11 construction.JPG

07_Bholu 11 completion (1).jpg

08_Bholu 11 completion (1).jpg

09_Bholu 11 completion.jpg

10_Bholu 11 completion.jpg

11_Bholu 11 garden.jpg

12_Bholu 11 external.jpg

13_Bholu 11 doors.jpg