“I am a strong supporter of The Anganwadi Project and the work they have been doing. This remarkable project has created both a sustainable environment and education for so many young residents’ futures. These schools have become refuges where children come for the calm, safe, peaceful environment in the slums.”

Dr Esther Charlesworth, Founding Director, Architects Without Frontiers, Associate Professor of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.

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Manav Sadhna

(Ahmedabad, India)

Manav Sadhna (MS) is an NGO based at Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat State.

Established in 1995, Manav Sadhna works within the local disadvantaged communities in Ahmedabad and its surrounds. Inspired by the Gandhian principles of truth, non-violence, upliftment of the poor and oppressed, the organisation promotes health, sanitation, and education, focusing on women, adolescents and children. Manav Sadhna manage over 35 humanitarian community-based projects.

Manav Sadhna’s long association and deep knowledge of the local communities has provided The Anganwadi Project with a solid foundation in these communities, allowing our volunteers to have greater access to and understanding of the people for whom they work.


Rural Development Trust

(Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh)

The Rural Development Trust (RDT) is an NGO based in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, in Southern India. Founded in 1969, the RDT has been dedicated to the development of vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in these areas to improve the quality of life of the rural poor, with a particular emphasis on women, children and people with disabilities. RDT has implemented far-reaching development programs in the communities it works with in areas of education, health care, housing, women’s empowerment, disability and instigating sport and cultural activities.

In 2018 The Anganwadi Project and Rural Development Trust commenced a partnership to build new anganwadis in the rural communities of Andhra Pradesh.

“Thanks to The Anganwadi Project and Rural Development Trust to build such a beautiful building and dedicating it to the children & mothers.” Mrs. Chinmayi, Project Director


Architects Without Frontiers

Architects Without Frontiers Australia (AWF) is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to engage Australian design professions in pro-bono projects that improve the living conditions of communities in need with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

AWF is committed to participatory, sustainable and community-focused outcomes as it engages with the architectural and related built-environment professions in providing pro-bono design services and model construction projects for those whose needs are greatest.

“The philosophy of recycling behind the architecture, building and planning has built beautiful, sustainable facilities with minimum cost and maximum impact on the pre-schooler’s education. These small schools make a significant contribution to the community on a number of levels.”
Dr Esther Charlesworth, Founding Director, Architects Without Frontiers, Associate Professor of Architecture and Design, RMIT University.