Location: Tahakar, Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad
Completed: 2014
Volunteers: Jo Waterhouse, Susanne Pollmann and Harshil Parekh

The site for Bholu 13 is located in the middle of the community tucked in a quiet, colourful laneway. Two surrounding trees form a beautiful canopy over the site, providing a cooler micro environment. A vacant block opposite provided an opportunity for the preschool to have an adjoining garden and playground.

With a compact site, the biggest design challenge was ensuring adequate light and ventilation entered into the space. Bholu 13 features a ‘floating’ roof as a means of responding to the hot, dry climate by aiding with passive ventilation and allowing views of the trees. The design of the space was planned simply with amenities to the back and one large teaching space addressing the laneway. The internal floor and wall finishes feature recycled stone, tiles, fabric, artwork and perforated metal, which added colour and a richness of detail to the small building.

01_Bholu 13_facade w chirag copy-X2.jpg

02_Bholu 13 Volunteers_construction.jpg

04_Bholu 13 Volunteers_construction.jpg

05_Bholu 13_Inauguration.jpg

06_Bholu 13_Volunteers.jpg

07_Bholu 13 Volunteers.jpg

09_Bholu 13_Inauguration.jpg