Bholu 14

Location: Sabarmati, Ahmedabad
Completed: 2017
Volunteers: Janelle Campbell, Lorenzo Mauloni, Harshil Parekh and Shailaja Patel

Bholu 14 was located on a site that had been previously used as a dumping ground for the community which resulted in difficult soil conditions to build on. Due to these conditions, it was decided to use lightweight construction. This was not only a structurally logical approach, but also allowed for the structure to be dismantled and re-used elsewhere in the event the site would be reclaimed by the government in years to come. Bamboo was the primary construction material used in the building, for its sustainability and as it is a readily available material within Ahmedabad.

01_Bholu 14_IMG_20170122_114243.jpg

02_Bholu 14_site conditionsCredit Janelle Campbell TAP.jpg

04_Bholu 14_Bakabhai and workers.jpg

05_Bholu 14_mosaic floor_2.jpg

06_Bholu 14_mosaic floor_with Lorenzo.jpg

08_Bholu 14_interior looking towards blackboard.jpg

09_Bholu 14_interior with doors open.jpg

10_Bholu 14_Inauguration.jpg