Location: Gandhivas Tekra, Ahmedabad
Completed: 2009
Volunteers: Jillian Hopkins and Jesus Porras Montesino.

The design of Bholu 9 cleverly uses the small site to create a series of spaces, from the entry seat and screened entry, the bright classroom and courtyard beyond. Passive thermal design was employed through the use of a high level brick screen and cross-ventilation through the classroom.

The success of this project lay within the community involvement, instigated by the volunteers and evident in the community contribution to decorative elements around the building such as the tiled entry seat artworkchai cup screen using cups donated by the local women and participation in the painting of the school and garden elements by the community. 

01_Bholu 9_child.jpg



05_15_Chai Cup Sculpture.jpg

06_14 Porch with Chai Cups & Mosaic.jpg

07_16 Gate & Breezeblock view inside.jpg

08_15_J&J resting with pots.jpg