We are delighted to announce that TAP volunteer Shailaja Patel has received the George W. Anderson, Jr. Award for her experience in Public Interest Design that she achieved as a part of the Anganwadi Project.

She was awarded the prize for both her immense talent and dedicated work with TAP on Bholu 14.

The George W. Anderson, Jr. Award recognizes graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture who demonstrate, through a completed project, “an exceptional level of attention to detail and dedication to beneficially impacting the community”.

“A shortlist of six students was based on a 20 slide Presentation we each submitted,” said Shailaja. “The project was presented at CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) in a pecha kucha format (20 seconds per slide) in front of various track-chairs and student body as well as other visiting members. It was a moment of pride for me to see the project being well received and the jury was really interested in how the organization works and gave many compliments to TAP.”

The Award is a $3000 from the Anderson family, a part of which Shailaja very generously aims to use in further benefiting TAP.

“I cannot thank TAP enough for allowing me to have opportunities with TAP that helped me grow in the direction of my aspirations. This Award is for everyone who has been a part of this organization and their efforts in creating a better world.” - Shailaja Patel

See the full list of award winners here.

Congratulations Shailaja!



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